These are what you get for joining the IMU Science Discovery Challenge! 

With just 5 days left until September 2, 2023, it’s time to accelerate your journey to scientific discovery and achievement.

That’s not all, because the Science Discovery Challenge is also about being awarded to celebrate your dedication to scientific exploration!

Deadline – 2 September, 2023 @ 11.59PM.
Certificates of Achievement
Your dedication to science is something to be proud of. Participants who completed the challenge will receive certificates recognised by the Ministry of Education of Malaysia to showcasing your devotion in science and willingness to embrace new challenges. 

Up to RM13,500 Worth in Prizes
Your dedication to scientific exploration is about to pay off. By participating in the Science Discovery Challenge, you’re in the running to win prizes worth up to RM 13,500.
These prizes are a celebration of your commitment to learning and your passion for discovery.
 Let’s finish strong! Ready to make your mark? 
Sign up for the Science Discovery Challenge now, don’t miss out on the chance to be a winner on multiple fronts—knowledge, skills, and prizes!

The deadline is approaching fast, and your path to discovery is waiting for you.
Ready to seize these incredible rewards? 
Deadline – 2 September, 2023 @ 11.59PM

The competition will be an INDIVIDUAL quiz challenge, and 

TWO Categories as below:  
1. School Category (Form 4, 5/ Year 10, 11/ SM1, SM2, and equivalent) and
2. Pre-University Category (Form 6, A-level, UEC, SM3, Year 12, Foundation, and equivalent)  To find out how you can be a part of the quiz, please visit :  

Rewards and Incentives:# Every participants will get a Certificate of Participations endorsed by our Ministry of Education Malaysia (After the campaigns ended) # Every participants will also qualify for a RM 500 T&G e-Wallet credit voucher, and claimable upon joining IMU 2023/2024 intakes


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