Essay writing contest let your words create awareness about the crucial role of pharmacists. Share your knowledge, thoughts, and insights on what you know about pharmacists, their responsibilities, and the significance of their roles.

📚 Eligibility and Entry:

1️⃣This contest is open to all High School (Form 3-5 or equivalent) and Pre-University Science students in Malaysia, with no age limit.

2️⃣ Individual participation only.

3️⃣ No entry fees! Register online to participate.

4️⃣ Entry period: June 14, 2023, to July 24, 2023.

🏆 Prizes

🥇 1st Prize: RM300 cash prize

🥈 2nd Prize: RM200 cash prize

🥉 3rd Prize: RM100 cash prize

📜 Certificate of participation will be provided to all participants.

📥 Essay Submission Instructions

Submit your essay here via the Google Form:…/1FAIpQLSdNEI…/viewform

Join us in celebrating the invaluable contributions of pharmacists through the power of your words! 🎉📝💊

Scan the QR code for more information!


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