Kids World Travel Guide invites you to join in the 8th annual essay competition – 2023 Theme: ‘Wildlife: Nature’s Stars’.

The writing competition 2023 is open! Yeah!

It’s this time of the year again! Our Kids World Travel Guide competition is now open! 

Be creative and above all keep it positive! Tell us about all the wonderful things you already experienced or hope to experience in future, share your ideas on living peacefully with wildlife within our environment. Research about wild animals and natural habitats or tell us fascinating conservation initiatives and pionieering ideas and people in your communities.

And don’t forget to add in your essay some paragraphs about your personal dreams for the future of our planet.

Junior Category: 8 – 11 years

Essay length: minimum 300 words – maximum 500 words 

The essay may include the following topics:

  • My favourite wild animal (Research a wild animal and its habitat and tell us about it and why you choose this animal)
  • My dream of going on safari (What do you hope to experience when going on safari?)
  • My safari travel experiences (Tell us about your safari adventure)
  • A special wildlife rescue centre (Which wildlife rescue center would you love to visit and why?)
  • If a wild animal could speak… (Imagine: You are an endangered wild animal. What would you tell us?Describe your animal life and your dreams for the future)
  • My favourite book about wildlife (What is the book about, what makes this book so outstanding and why do you like it so much?)
  • My favourite wildlife hero (Research a conservationist and tell us about the achievements of this person and what it can teach us.)

The essay has to be submitted in English, but may include words or phrases in a foreign language.

Senior Category: 12 – 15 years

Essay length: maximum 500 – 700 words

The essay may include the following topics:

  • Wildlife habitats: challenges and achievements
  • Tourism’s impact on wildlife: positive achievements
  • Wildlife conservation efforts worldwide
  • Inspirational people: Biography of a wildlife conservationist
  • Inspirational wild places: Tell us about fascinating nature reserves, national parks and safari travel adventures
  • Inspiring traditions and customs of local communities in protecting wildlife
  • Sustainable living for a better planet

The essay has to be submitted in English, but may include words or phrases in a foreign language (with comments and translations, please).

Join in and Enjoy!

To join in, please go to our special Kids World Travel Guide Competition Entry Form here.

And remember: This year’s deadline is strictly

1 October 2023 (10:00 pm/ 22:00 UTC)

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