The theme of the Social Fiction Design Competition is: “Imagine the Life of a Young Person in the World of 2050.”

Join the Social Fiction Design Competition and compete for a chance to win USD 10,000!

💭 Imagine how you wish to see the life of a young person in the world of 2050.
What will young people value? How will they take care of the people and the planet about three decades from now? What is the vision that you would like to see by the time we reach the year 2050?

✍️ Write to re-write a new future.
In 1000 to 5000 words.

👥 Share your story.

You are invited to share your vision with the world!

Address one or more social and environmental focus areas in your writing:

Climate Change, Micro-credit, Agriculture, Technology and Innovation, Transport, Literature, Music, Waste, Circular Economy, Tourism, WASH, Employment, Sports, Health & Well-being etc.

Tell how key players in the government, corporate houses, educational institutions, local businesses and/or community members are contributing to this new world.

If you do not have a personal email id or phone number, we request that you use your parent/guardian/sibling/teacher’s email and phone numbers. We will be communicating with you primarily via the email that you provide us. All competition information will be sent in the email address that you provide.

Fill up the online application form and submit your Social Fiction writing!

How to apply to the Social Fiction Design Competition?

1. Go to Social Fiction Design Competition online application.

Quick link:

2. Fill up the online form by submitting your personal information and answering the questions.

3. Upload your file.

If you have trouble submitting, try resizing your file to upload, or contact

4. Click Submit and wait for the submission confirmation pop-up on top of the page.

5. Receive a confirmation email in your inbox.

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