“AI and Health” & “COVID-19: Imagine, Create & Share”

This competition is for primary and secondary students from around the world and it’s more than just a competition. To equip students with knowledge and skills to participate competently in this fun and/or meaningful competition, a range of interesting workshops will be offered free for the participants! 

Competition Groups

Students will compete in one of the following groups

  • Junior primary group (Age: 5-8)- length approx. 10-20 pages; approx. 20-600 words; pages may include pictures, sound, etc.
  • Senior primary group (Age: 9-12)- length approx. 15-30 pages; approx. 100-700 words; pages may include pictures, sound, etc.
  • Junior Secondary group (Age: 13-15)-length approx. 20-40 pages; approx. 200-800 words; pages may include pictures, sound, other multimedia, etc.
  • Senior Secondary group (Age: 16-18)-length approx. 25-50 pages; approx. 300-1000 words; pages may include pictures, sound, other multimedia, etc.

There are Free workshops to help students prepare for the Competition (check their schedule HERE)

Details of Competition

  • Registration fee: Entirely FREE!
  • Enrolment period: Oct 15, 2021 (FRI) – Apr 4, 2022 (MON)
  • Digital Writing Tools: Participants may use any online tools to create their own eBooks, such as StoryJumper
  • Language: Students can write the story in their native language first and then get it translated into English later. Or they can do it all in English.  Each participant can only submit one piece of work for the competition. An English version of the participant’s eBook is mandatory.
  • Submission of work:
    • Participants must submit the link to their eBook by filling the submission form (https://forms.gle/Z7DkMEJGkF1b7hTa6 ) on or before Apr 11, 2022 Sat, at 23:59. The eBook link must be accessible without having to log in to any personal account.
    • Participants must submit the link to a text-only Google Docs document of their story for plagiarism checking. 
    • Participants are required to video-record the sharing of their ebooks (4 minutes maximum), upload the recording onto YouTube, and submit the YouTube link by Apr 112022 Sat, at 23:59
  • Competition Date and time16th April, 2022 (Sat), 10:00 am – 12:30 pm IST (Online). Should there be registrations from other time zones, then we will try to arrange competitions in other time zones.
  • Certificate of participation will be given to the participants. Please email us the student’s full name to provide the e-certificates.

There are two kinds of awards

  1. International – 10 awards
  2. Regional (eg. South Asia, Africa, Greater China [Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, etc.]) 10 awards from each region


  • A certificate and gifts (eg. eBooks and/or souvenirs) 
  • The award “Competing with Socrates” will be given for students who designed the best questions for the workshops on ‘How to learn the art of creating questions” 

For registration, please scan the QR code or Click HERE


The University of Hong Kong, ASIS&T South Asia Chapter & Academy 22 Education for All Foundation 

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