In conjunction with Malaysia day, Yayasan Prihation Nasional, Malaysia Literacy in Financial Education Association (MyLIFE), Federation of Malaysia Business Associations (FMBA) and uLearnMONEY are delighted to announce that the Keluarga Malaysia 2021 will be organized from 14 to 30 September 2021

Want to become more financially educated especially in these uncertain times?

The KELUARGA MALAYSIA 2021 aims to be a platform that provides financial and investment knowledge to all Malaysians while fostering the spirit of Malaysian unity in celebration of the upcoming Malaysia Day.

The Quiz Category :

  1. Primary Student
  2. Secondary Student
  3. University Level

Please choose your category before answering starting the quiz and submit the form once you have finished answering.

*Please remember that you ONLY have ONE attempt to do the quiz*

Thank you and all the best !

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